1. IP44 protection level
2. Outer rotor motor with 50000hours working life.
3. 2206m³/h airflow, 693Pa air pressure
4. 5-30min timer delay function.
5. Three speed or switch on the connection box


Switch Details

1. Low, medium, high, automatic air speed control

2. Temperature display accuracy: ±1℃
3. Power consumption: <1W
4. 0-30minutes timer set

5. Output current: 6A(Resistive load) 3A(Inductive load)
6. Panel: PC+ABS flame-retarding plastic
7. Dimension: 86*86*15mm
8. Mounting distance:60mm(standard)
9. Protection class: IP30
10. Service life: Relay switch times greater than 100000 times



1. Fan body is made of eco-friendly material with beautiful lines and double insulation.

2. Fan blade is designed according to fluid dynamics principle to reach optimal airflow and air pressure

3. Two-layer sound absorbent cotton and sound wave holes are produced inside to reduce noise level.

4. Double diameter connection, sealing-up, leak-proof