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Flight Level's Molecular Distillation (Wipe Film) System is designed according to the principle of molecular distillation. It is a model of molecular distillation in view of the distance between the heating surface and the cooling surface is very close and the resistance is very small.  The function of the built-in condenser, the vaporized vapour phase can be liquefied instantly and the volume is contracted, so that the high vacuum inside the equipment can be maintained. The operation vacuum of short path distillation can reach 1Pa, which is difficult to achieve for other evaporation and distillation equipment. Therefore, short path distillation is especially suitable for high boiling point under normal pressure. As a new kind of liquid-liquid separation technology, it has been successful experience in many industries.



(1) The separation operation can be achieved at the temperature of the boiling point of the material, as long as the pressure of the system is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the light component of the material and the distance less than or equal to the molecular average free range of the light components. The purpose of separation can be achieved.( a.k.a - less heat makes better extractions.)


(2) No bubbling and boiling phenomenon is conducive to maintaining a high degree of vacuum in the whole system.



Short Path (wiped film) Molecular Distillation System

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