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Eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, these Flight Level Cannisters are made with stainless steel, have lockable clips and are totally leak proof.


  • The product is made of eco-friendly material, approved by European tests.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, plastic free, BPA free, chemical free.
  • Unique design, high quality guaranteed.
  • Can't be placed in a microwave oven but can be placed in the oven.


Material:     Stainless steel 304(18/8)
Size:             8cm 10cm 12cm 14cm 16cm
Capacity:   250ml, 480ml, 780ml, 1200ml, 1800ml

Cannabis Curing Containers

  • You spent months cultivation and caring for your grow, but now that it has been chopped and dried, you have a least a month to go for the curing process.  We will discuss where to put them and the steps to cure your cannabis like a pro.

*Suggested Retail Price

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