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Above the Clouds

Flight Level

Innovation and efficiency in stealth mode!

After more than 30 years flying under the radar and operating from word of mouth, we have decided that this is the right time to offer our selective list of products to a higher number of consumers.

What we offer is very simple: provide innovative products that will lead the industry in reliability and efficiency, at prices that will definitely make a difference in the market. 

Having a successful grow is not rocket science, but more a work of art when done correctly.   We have been developing and curating these processes and products for over 3 decades! We have been refining crop genetics and improving our gear in stealth mode.  This was demanded by our selective clientele and allowed us to focus on developing the best, hustle-free products, that would work as they should year after year.


Our development team is always searching for the new product that could make a difference for our customers in terms of efficiency and reliability.


For over 30 years, the name Flight Level means innovation, trustworthiness and reliability. We want our distributors to take those values, and products, into an even larger scale.


We understand the cannabis market and how it is influenced. We can support your company by providing you our expertise in equipment manufacturing, logistics and crop specific guidance with emphasis on Aeroponics, Hydroponics and other Hybrid alternative grow media.


Our Knowledge at your service

Flight Level vast experience and knowledge is at your disposal with our consulting services.

Our packages include a purchasing and warranty service for all items such as Hydroponic shears and  electric bud trimmers and many other products of this nature.

Our consulting service can also cover customized drawings for our Extraction clean rooms and design layouts for any size project, from two buckets to 1000 bucket Hydro or Aero systems!

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