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Cannabinoid Extraction System

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When it comes to Cannabinoid Extractions (Shatter, Live Resin, THC Oil, CBD and essential oils), Flight Level has designed an integrated system with three separate components: an Extractor, a Short Path Distillation machine and a Modular Clean room.

You can get the whole system for a seamless connection and integration, or any of the components separately, to upgrade your previous set up.

Flight Level Closed Loop Extractor:
Commercial extraction operators use closed-loop systems. Closed-loop extraction systems use time, pressure, and temperature based on hydrocarbon solvent (Butane, Propane, Ethanol, etc) to extract the required product.  Solvent and flower material are literally enclosed and protected from the environment; further, solvent is re-circulated for continued use in the system. It is the circulars enclosed automated process that creates the closed loop for a safe and efficient extraction.

Short Path:
Short path distillation is mainly to separate the heavy constituent and light constituent to isolate the CBD oils from the crude oils. This step is after the solvent recovery. High evaporation rates allow for more distillates to be captured while the relatively low processing temperatures (130-180°C) contribute to the fact that there are not any solvents needed to move the extract material through the process. Most importantly, this system will separate cannabis into high concentrations of THC and CBD distillates. In fact, short path distillation can result in cannabis distillates that are 99% pure.

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Solvent-based extractions utilize chemical solvents to strip cannabis flowers of their highly potent resin glands. Because chemical solvents are often highly flammable, professional extractors use what are called "closed-loop" systems to ensure that there is no airborne chemical exposure during the process, therefore eliminating any risk for fire, over-pressurization or explosion. This is why concentrate production should only be conducted by licensed professionals. It is extremely dangerous and may be illegal to perform solvent-based extractions at home.

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