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Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Hydroponics comes in varying levels where soil is replaced with nutrient in-solution water.  Plant roots can be flooded and drained on a cycle, or in DWC hydroponics, permanently submerged in water (Deep Water Culture).  Hydroponics offers the advantage of no energy wasted searching for nutrients.

Aeroponic systems are a specialized version of hydroponics where the roots of the plant extend only in air and the roots are directly sprayed with a nutrient water mix (the recipe).  The primary difference is the availability of oxygen to the roots.  In hydroponics, one has to be sure to supply oxygenated water.  Standing water gets depleted of oxygen over time.  In aeroponics, oxygen is surrounding the roots at all times.  Surplus oxygen accelerates nutrient absorption at the root surface.

Plant support in both aeroponics and hydroponics are provided by the hosting environment.  Hydroponic plants tend to be stabilized with hydroton clay balls or coco-coir soil alternatives and flooded or submerged in water.  Nutrients for hydroponics are provided in solution in the water.  For aeroponics, the roots dangle directly in the air and the nutrient salts are mixed with water and sprayed as a vapor directly onto the roots. This completely eliminates mechanical resistance.  Roots can grow and expand their surface area at will.

We have developed entire Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems to fit your requirement!
They have been tested and trusted by many of our clients, from the assembly of the parts to the full installation, all easy steps and with all the gear you need, hassle-free and straightforward.

*All prices quoted on the website are SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICES

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