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RDWC - Recirculating Deep Water Culture - Systems are improved versions of DWC  - Deep Water Culture - allowing plants to receive unlimited amount of Nutrients.

A very efficient method used to grow plants with their roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

By using a RDWC System, you can optimize your plants growth potential due to its super oxygenated nutrient solution, constantly circulating around the system through an inline pump structure.

The inline pump structure creates a current that draws the nutient solutions throughout the pots. At the same time that this current has a cooling effect, it mixes the nutrients with the high volume of water contained in the system.
Ph and EC levels are kept stable in the system.


The system contains:

  • Buckets (5 gallon): 6 units
  • Main Suply bucket: 1 unit
  • Net Cup (13cm upper inner dia): 6 units
  • Nutrient Pump: 1 unit
  • Air Hose: 1 unit
  • Air Stone: 6 units
  • Main Pipe: 1 complete set
  • Caly Pebble: 1 bag
  • Shut Off Valve: 1 unit
  • Water Level Floating Fitting: 1 unit

Recirculating Deep Water Current

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