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1· Free assembly Quantum Boards for different period

High efficiency custom-designed white light Quantum Boards

3· White Light Full Spectrum for better results
4· Top Samsung LM301B+660nm Red+ 750nm IR options

Reliable passive cooled design,55mm thickness heatsink (No Fan)
6· Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
7· Perfect performance for veg and bloom
8· Meanwell Dimmable Power Supply included

9· Wago Connectors, waterproof cable, strong hang kits

10. Optional Samsung LM301H LED with high efficiency 3.0 umol/J.
11. White-based for growers’ easier observation.
  If your grow light emits brigh colors somebody has sold you a disco ball and you may want to get your money back.   


 Spectrum                      Samsung LM301B 3500K+660nm+IR 750nm

Driver Model              XLG-100-H-A         Meanwell XLG-240-H-A


Quantum Grow Lights

    *Suggested Retail Price

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