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1. SMELL PROOF: Activated carbon technology to absorbs and neutralizes any odors, allowing your stash to remain discrete, fresh, secret, flavorful, and waterproof giving you peace of mind! The rubber zipper lining further traps and disguises odor ensuring that the smell is contained, undetectable and the content inside the pouch is dry.

2. COMBINATION LOCK: The smell proof box offers you an extra-security guard with a built-in combination lock. The combination lock is easily set and does not get stuck after use. Keep this organizer locked to keep unwanted out!

3. ORGANIZE: The scent proof bag has the ideal on the go storage capacity with multiple compartments with configurable loop and hook dividers. Allowing you to easily organize and arrange the items in your case without jeopardizing safety.

4. PREMIUM DESIGN: Safety aside, this smell proof bag has an elegant and stylish design, allowing you to impress your colleagues. The exterior design is made of durable canvas fabric and weather resistant. The design is discrete and suitable for both men and women.

5. ON THE GO: The smell proof case is the ideal size to keep your items safe anywhere you go. The portable box measures s, making it suitable for travel. The handle is smooth and fits easily in your palm. Its compact size ensures that the box will easily fit in most backpacks.


6. SIZE:   8x4x3inches   20x10x8cm

Hard Shaped Small Bag

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