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1. SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Leave it to our smell proof bag to lock in odor, capture any smell and keep your stash items fresh. Using carbon lining and smell proof seal zippers, this bag was specially built to lock and secure any unwanted odors and keep your items fresh at the same time.

2. PRACTICAL AND VERSATILE ORGANIZER: This smell proof bag comes with multiple storage spaces and detachable Velcro dividers. You can customize the interior compartments to easily fit all your smoking weed accessories,such as grinder,tube,myler bag,pipe,lighter,rolling tray,jar and so on.

3. EASY TO USE COMBINATION LOCK: Easy to set-up and easy to use, the combination lock on our bag will safely guard your belongings inside the bag. Once you set-up your lock combination, no one else will be able to access the items stored in the bag.

4. MINIMALISTIC AND ELEGANT DESIGN: On the outside the bag comes in a black vintage pu leather that gives an elegant touch. The smell proof case was designed to look just like any other travel kits so you can take it with you on all your travels.

5. THE PERFECT SIZE: This smell proof bag measures makes it the perfect accessory to carry herbs, spices, coffee, and daily accessories discreetly.

Size:   8x6x3inches    20x15x7,5cm

Hard shape small case

    *Suggested Retail Price

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