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A good carbon filter must used everywhere, including Grow tent, hydroponics, greenhouse air cleaning, etc…

Our carbon filter is designed to take in the dust air and give out fresh air, keeping you away from the odor and unpleasant particles.



  • Light weight, more practical, safe and environment friendly.
  • Excellent abrasive resistance and more durable.
  • Large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity.
  • Adsorb particulate faster and more effectively than other carbon.
  • Superior small holes construction and high-performance sorption.
  • High iodine adsorption value 900-950, much stronger adsorbing ability.


FILTER MATERIAL  -  Australia Activated Carbon

HIGH TRANCEPARENCY FLANGE  -  Reversible filter flange and base for longer life, Pre-filter included.

AIR FLOW  -  Carbon air filter can be used as both Intake and Exhaust, Odor control for better privacy.

53% OPEN AREA  -  Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow.

HIGH EFFICIENCY  -  Machine packed carbon enables 100% filtered air flow, lasts long from germination, sexing, flowering, and harvest.

Carbon Filter

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