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Wall: Glass fiber bonded with Aluminum foil

Helix: Steel wire


Advantages for Flexible aluminum duct:

1.No need special tools for cutting.
2.In case of fire no toxic gas are emitted
3.The product have been successfully tested for fire resistance
4.Can be bent in any direction


Material           Aluminum

Color                  Sliver

Structure         ALU-PET-ALU

Shape                Round

Dia                      2"~20"

Temperature -20℃~120℃(140℃ momentary)

Length               10M or as request

Feature            High flexible and compressible, flame resistant, heat resistant, excellent resistant to chemicals, small bending radius

Usage                Ventilation system, Extraction of solvents, Extraction of corrosive gas and fumes, Transfer of hot and cold air, Air conditioning, Vehicle construction, Engine construction etc.

Notes                 Duct, with special performance or special diameter, can be customizes.


1.It's a range of fully flexible uninsulated aluminum pvc laminated ducting, it is easy to connect to ducting
2.Highly flexible
3.Excellent resistance to chemicals
4.Small bending radius
5 . It is a multiply aluminum and pvc laminated ducting with high tensile steel wire helix

Air Duct

30 Feet
    *Suggested Retail Price

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